The Fairhead Family Fellowship exists to bring everyone connected to the Fairhead family together. FFF Online is a simple online resource for all those interested in the history of the Fairhead family. We have our origins in East Anglia, in the east of England, but have since spread our wings all around the world.

The information on the Fairhead Family has been gathered for over forty years. The original researcher was Albert Edward Fairhead (1902 - 1976). He had hired a boat on the Norfolk Broads for a week's holiday; on handing the keys over to the next family at the end of the week he discovered that they were also called Fairhead. This prompted him to wonder, were they related?

After this he embarked on journeys to all of the local churches and then to record offices, and before he died in 1976 he had printed a series of booklets detailing all of the information he had discovered. To make this easier to handle, and to give the reader a sense of identity, he split the family into different sections which were named after individuals or areas where they lived, etc.

The downloadable family histories below are based on these original booklets, with all subsequent information fitted into the jigsaw as and when it has become known. We are publishing them on the web in an effort to widely spread the state of the current research and to stimulate people to fill in the gaps in our knowledge. The files deal with each generation in turn, keeping each family in the same order.

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Download the family history booklets:

There are three main groups of families: Suffolk & Norfolk, Essex, and London. It is hoped one day to link all of the books together. The 'Book no.' refers to the number of the publication in the Fairhead history booklet series. The booklet files are in PDF format.

Family group Book no. History booklet name Booklet last updated


8 The Suffolk Weavers October 2014
5 The Parish Clerks October 2014
1 The Three Brothers October 2014
2 The Bricklayers
October 2014
6 The Five Sons of James October 2014
Essex 7 The Essex Farmers October 2014
4d The Shoemakers of Rayleigh October 2014
4b Thomas, the Gardener, of Marks Tey October 2014
4c The Drapers of Ilford October 2014
London 3 The Fayerhodes of Ludgate Hall October 2014
10c The Family at Marylebone October 2014
4a The London Butchers October 2014
Other 10a The East Coast Mariners October 2014
10b The Sunderland Family October 2014

We have some miscellaneous booklets, including two "Don't Know" pages; any information that could help to classify the information in those would be most welcome.

Booklet name Booklet last updated
Don't Knows (UK & Australia) October 2014
Don't Knows (North America) October 2014
Various East Coast Families August 2006
The Origin:
Words   Pictures
August 2006
The First 100 Years June 2008
The Fairhairs August 2006
Hereditary Factors August 2006

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